Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Finished" Version 3

Version 3 is basically finished.
Will give a quick overview of how it has turned out.

Overall I am pretty happy with the case construction. Having a plastic base as well as top case gives a good solid feel about it.

The top case is as for the last version, with the top and sides glued together.
The case is a lot shorter than the last one, no room for air to circulate above the fan. Needs to pull in the air from outside - and hence the vent.
I have attached both the HD and the CPU fan to the case... not sure if this is a good idea or not.

For the base, this is now a sheet of perspex, with little raised lumps onto which the mother board is screwed. I have embedded a nut in each raise lump into which the motherboard screw goes into.
The base also has the vents cut around the edges for the air flow to exit. At the front of the base is a piece of perspex into which the HD and Power LEDs are pushed.

The box fits together nicely...

At the top back I have attached some plastic guides so that the metal back plate nicely slides into the channel cut into the top piece of perspex.
On the bottom of the case I have just stuck some felt 'feet' to raise the box off the table, and ensure some air can flow out.

The HD and CPU fan attach into the case using round elastic. The idea is that this can help reduce any vibration that transfers to the case.
I think it works OK for the HD, but not for the Fan. For the fan would ideally put some rubber mounting feet to keep the fan from pushing up against the case too firmly.

A Chinese knockoff Pico Power Supply has been used.

It is *just* short enough to clear the top of the case.
Got it here from (the Chinese equivalent of ebay) for 249 RMB. Is a 150W supply, but only with a 120W adapter.

With all the electronics in place, including the Capacitive on/off switch, it looks like this.

Note that comfortable with the wiring... bit of a hassle with ensuring that the cabling handles the lid being removed, and falls nicely into place when the lid is fitted.

Closing the case together, the back metal plate fits securely into the channels in the top and bottom sheets of the case.

Metal work is not my forte :-)

All in all, has the best feel of all the boxes so far.
Fan noise is a bit of an issue at the moment. It is using the 2000 RPM Scythe slim fan. It is running at full speed all the time. Speedfan no longer seems to work for me with Windows 7, so cannot slow it down. I am thinking of building a physical speed controller for the fan, along the lines outlined here.
The fan seems to be quite capable of sucking in a good amount of air to keep the CPU cool - there is noticeable airflow out of the box on all sides from the holes underneath.

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  1. Can I ask where did you get plastic case? Did you make it yourself or you order it?