Sunday, January 31, 2010

TV Card

There should be enough room in this box for a TV card. Will have to be a PCIe X1 card... I have an AverMedia one.

To keep it within the box height, I will be using a PCIe right angle adapter - as shown

The back of the box will be a metal plate - held between the top and bottom sheets of perspex by sliding into slots in those sheets. Not the easiest to get in - but seems to make the sheet of metal reasonably stiff.

The main difficulty with putting the TV card in on the right angled attachment card is - that there is no simple way that I can see of firmly attaching it to the back plate. It needs to be firmly attached to handle the plugging in and out of the antenna cable.

(Note that I chopped off the top and bottom ends of the normal mounting bracket - too long.)
I cannot see how I can simply screw or attach the card to the back plate - not easy to create new screw holes in the mounting plate piece that remains... and there is not going to be too much room left on the back metal sheet either.

The only option that I could think of was to create a separate 'frame' out of a sheet of perspex. This 'frame' would hold the card firm in the vertical direction, and rest against the motherboard at the bottom to resist the forces of insertion of the TV cable. The frame would be mounted inside the back metal plate - so no issues when pulling out the TV cable.
Here is the basic 'frame' before finishing it up a bit.

To fit the 'frame' to the TV card, you need to unscrew the attachment plate, then re-assemble it with the 'frame' between the attachment plate and the TV card...
A picture probably makes it a little easier to understand...

Note that the perspex is around 4.5 mm thick - too thick to go between the motherboard and the back metal plate - so I needed to cut a channel to allow for the motherboard. Now when you push in against the TV card, the force is taken against the motherboard, and will have to also be matched with some support on the top edge of the 'frame' - will manage that later within the case.

Anyway - this frame idea seems to work. Not sure if it is generic enough to be useable with other TV cards...
I think it also could be refined a little - and maybe better if it was someone integrated with the back metal plate instead of requiring a separate 'frame'.

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