Friday, January 22, 2010

New Version 3 Design

The box needs to be smaller.
Ideally, somewhere near the size of the motherboard itself.

So that is the goal of version 3.

Here is a sketchup of the design from the back.

Similar in general shape to all the other versions...
But now the case is going to become all plastic, except for the metal back plate.
The case should not be much more than around 28 cm wide and deep.
Height wise - around 6cm.

It will need to have a Pico power supply - there are various knockoff versions sold here in China...

The box will only have one fan - the fan blowing down on the CPU. Will have a 2.5 inch HD. Both of these will be mounted to the roof of the box - held in place with the good old elastic straps.
Here is another back view of the box.

I have done the initial bending and some cutting of the plastic...
Looks like this at the moment.

Will add some more pics later.

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