Friday, January 22, 2010

Version 2 Recap

I have been out of posting for a while...

And actually I have forgotten where I was up to in terms of the V2 work.
Anyway - so here is a general catchup.

Basically - flat metal base, bent up at the back to handled the IO shield.

On the RHS is the 1U power supply - encased in a larger metal frame to handle
the bigger (quieter) fan - sucks air in the front, and out the back.

There is the laptop DVD sitting on the based of the case - ends up being
underneath the MB.

From the back you can see how the plastic case is bent to go around - a top
piece of perspex is to be glued to the case around the edges - so it kind of
gets dropped over once all the contents have been included.

The hard disk is mounted on some plastic 'frame' - using the elastic to
hopefully reduce the vibrations.

The hard disk ends up being towards the front of the box when all assemmbled.

With everything loaded in, looks like the following.

Once everything fitted... worked on attaching the top perspex sheet to the
outside casing.

It glued OK - and has a nice solid feel about it.

For the LED front panel lights - I went as simple as possible this time. Just
stuck the two LEDs in two sheets of perspex at the front.

Have since seen online a cool method of diffusing the LEDs - basically to

cut off the head of the LED

At the back, simply plug onto the leads of the LEDs.

Result is as follows

My initial plans for the on/off switch were for a capacitive proximity switch -
useable through the perspex - however cannot find anything that will run of 5V.
Lowest is 6V. Will have to wait for V3.

So this is what it basically looks like now - with the perspex protection still
on... I havent take a photo with it off yet.


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