Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suspension Mount HDD V2

With the new board layout, and some future thoughts on the next version of the box, I need to try and mount the HDD somewhere above the motherboard.

I liked the idea of suspending it on stretched elastic... so when everything fits togeter in the box - it should look something like this

The previous idea for mounting the HDD was to have it somewhere underneath the motherboard. However, if in a later version there is not to be much of a gap there, probably not the best place to locate. The last ideas were something like this

So now I am trying to use some of the perspex sheeting bent into a 'C' shape, with the HDD suspended within the upper arm of the 'C'. The lower arm of the 'C' would go underneath the motherboard.

I have attached a piece of sheet metal to the base of the HDD, and this metal has holes drilled in it for the elastic to pass through.

When threaded into the perspex 'C' brace, the HDD is positioned quite firmly, but is easily able to move a little in the vertical direction. Note that on the SATA plug end I had to ensure that you could freely access for plugging and unplugging.

Overall the depth of the mounting is not that much greater than the depth of the HDD itself.

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