Sunday, October 18, 2009

Main Case Creation

With this Version 2, the idea is that the case needs to be much more simple than for the previous version.
With the sheet metal, it is looking like this...

The mother board is help off from the sheet metal by around 18mm high spacers - giving enough room for the DVD drive to fit in underneath.
At the back of the enclosure are simply cutouts for the power supply switch/fan area, and for the motherboard ports. As it is not easy to cut out a nice square hole for these things, I have simply done a cut-out, which can be covered up a bit at the back with the perspex case eventually.
On the front side is the cutout for where the DVD drive will sit.

The main perspex case is around 7.5 cm height. When bent, it fits mainly around three sides of the box, with some on the rear side for helping cover up the gaps in the sheet metal.

When it all fits together, it looks something like this

The perspex at the back as been cut a little to fit around the power supply area. Note that the gap at the top above the motherboard connector area is the main air inflow point for the box. Outflow is around the power supply area.

To finish off the box, a perspex lid is to be added.

this lid will be glued seamlessly ( ?? :-) hopefully) to the main case, and should just fit over the fully loaded sheet metal piece with all the electronics.

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  1. I've looking to build my own htpc case. It sounds like fun. I really enjoyed your blogs...very helpful. I found your blog back in December...just wondering if you ever finished your case. It was coming together nicely.