Friday, March 20, 2009

Finishing Off

Well, the HTPC is basically finished now.

It looks similar to what was planned originally - only just a bit bigger. And a bit more fiddly to fit together.

Most of the finishing off related to the front panel LEDs and switch, plus the trouble-some transparency of the plexiglass...

As mentioned previously, the transparency of the plexiglass meant that things on the inside could be seen from the outside. Great for the LED - but not so great for the various supporting structures required on the inside.
The method for fixing these problems seemed to be lining the case with aluminum foil.
So I started on one side of the case.

It glued on without too much troubles - using super glue.
However - when you looked from the outside in, definately there was a 'blotchy' appearance - due to the un-even-ness of the applied glue :-(

Not that noticeable in the picture, quite noticeable in real life.
And with time, and letting the glue dry - there was no change.

So - I peeled off the foil - and went with some old acrylic house paint that was lying around... the result was better than the foil - but still not perfect.
I applied masking tape around the edges and the bits that were to remain transparent - and started painting - several coats.

And with the masking tape removed...

Generally the paint gave a good, even, white view from the outside. Around areas that had plexiglass glued to the inside, you could still see some shadows - but not that clearly. On the front panel, which has some plexiglass glued to the case that contains some embedded nuts, these gave slightly more shadow...

Next step was the LED panel.

I covered the plexiglass assembly with aluminum foil - with holes cutout for the LED positions.

This foil was to reduce the shadows seen through the case.
Little reflectors were made out of more aluminum foil with masking tape backing to firm it up.

And with the LEDs inserted.

For the power button, I found that by leaving a large wooden 'puck' in the drill bit, it made it easier to get the drilled plastic piece out later without damaging it.

So the complete front panel button/LED assembly was ready to fit.

Which when fitted, gives the following

With the case attached, and the lid bit on - you get the finished article...

So now the family can sit back and enjoy...
While I plan Version 2...

Just adding some additional photos - front and back...

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