Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Attach the Plexiglass Case

Over the break I have done some thinking of the best way to attach the overall plexiglass case...
The result I think will work - however it is not the most elegant. The main issues result from having to fit the outside case AFTER having put the top and bottom sheets of metal together. With some better planning about how things are to actually be assembeled, there are some far more elegant and simple ways to attach the case.

Anyway, the basic idea is outlined in the following rough sketch

Basically at the back of the case, the outer casing will screw directly to the back face plate. This will stop the case from moving vertically and horizontally. I will use counter sunk screws on the outside, with metal nuts embedded into the inner piece of plastic to provide the thread. Cutting a thread into the acrylic I dont think will be strong enough.
One think I will need to be careful of is closeness of the holes to the edge of the plexiglass - I dont think there will be too much excess area to work in.

The sides of the case will be held in place with plexiglass glued to the inside of case. Much like what Nick suggested. These glued bits of plexiglass will sit against the wooden upright beams to give some horizontal stabilisation - and sit against the edges of the lips of the bent up sheet top and bottom metal for some vertical positioning. The flexibility of the plexiglass should enable the case to be bent out slightly so that these pieces clear the frame when putting the case on and off.

At the front of the case (not shown in the diagram), there will be some more attachment points related to the main on/off switch assembly. This will be explained in the following post.

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