Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finalisng the Fixing of the Perspex Case

To fix the outer perspex case to the inner metal case, will use the plastic strips glued to the inside bits of the case.

I cut the thin lengths of perspex, and cut some corresponding notches into the wooden upright supports on the sides.

These perspex strips will be glued to the inside of the case on the sides, and will allow it to 'clip on' to help secure into place.

I glued them in place using superglue. People say that superglue works well on perspex, but gives you hazy finishes. Not a problem for me with the white perspex.
Note that you dont need to use too much superglue. Use too much, and the glued pieces slip and slide, and it takes a long time to dry.
I clamped it all to let it dry.

Perspex Transparency

With the side pieces of perspex attached on the inside, I noticed that you could actually make out they were there from the outside. Even with the case fully enclosed - the light from the outside of the case must be reflected back differently from places that have perspex.

Some quick tests showed this to be the case in general...

However, if I used something reflective to put behind the perspex, such as Aluminum foil, you didnt notice whether or not there was any other thing there. I.e. the reflectivity of the tin foil was similar to the perspex.

So maybe I will need to work out how to cover the innards of the case with aluminum foil. Some quick checks with superglue, and PVA glue - things dont seem to stick. Any suggestions on how to apply aluminum foil to the inside of the case ?

Cutting the Top Piece

HAving built the majority of the peripheral case, I could now work on the top piece.
Taking the peripheral case, and upturning it on a sheet or perspex I traced out the outline.

I then scored and snaped, and filed to get the corners round. Overall comes up with a reasonable fit. Not perfect - but close enough.

At this stage I will probably just rest the top piece in place rather than trying to attach it.

Remaining Things

The bulk of the hardware hard work for the HTPC is now done...

Some of the things that are remaining include:
  • Line the innards with aluminum foil (??)
  • Design, build, install the button (will do this slowly over time - so will start using without this...)
  • Do something for the box feet (currently is just tiles of perspex held on with masking tape)
  • Final installation and fine fitting adjustments
These hardware things will get slowly done over time...

And then there are the Software bits... :-)

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