Thursday, February 5, 2009

Attaching the Back Plate to the Case

Having bend around the back corners of the case, I could now do the drilling to fit it together with the back plate. I firstly could trim off the excess pieces from the edges of the back plate - using the score and snap knife.
the top cutoff piece was going to be too close to the power supply opening hole on the back, so effectively the hole was expanded to reach out to the edge... see the next piccy.

So things were all aligned, and I drilled multiple holes through, inserting screws as I went to ensure they all aligned. The result is the following.

Here you can see how the power supply cutout now breaks out through the edge - just too close. Note that I didnt leave the HD in for the drilling - I put it in afterwards for checking some clearances.

Having drilled the holes, I then countersunk the screw head holes, and drilled recessed into the back of the back plate, and embedded the screw nuts in with a little force. They embedded quite neatly.

(Not one of the straightest set of holes I have drilled :-) )

I then could fit the back plate. Note that when this hole thing goes together later, this screwing together will be one of the last things that gets done - hence the need for embedding the nuts into the back of the back plate.

Now having done the main bits for the case - I have a better idea of how to attach the case to the internal metal case/frame.

Probably the easiest method will be to glue some horizontal pieces of perspex to the inner face on the sides of the case - much like the following example.

There would then be some corresponding notches in the wooden supports which mate into these plastic bits.
I was going to glue perspex pieces on that would push up against the turned up metal sheet lip - however the gap is just a little to big - wont work.

So of the next things to do are to trace out the pattern for the top sheet of perspex - as well as fitting and gluing the side attach perspex pieces...
I also think that I have worked out the logical sequence for assembling this things - will be long and convoluted - but should work. I was a little concerned that it may not be able to connected all together in the end - but I have a little confidence now that it will be OK.

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