Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have slowed down a bit on this...

Anyway - have assembled everything together...
Fits as expected basically - however overall the thing feels a bit too big...

Anyway - it is still minus the on/off button, still can see the innards from the outside, software not configured properly, etc
But it is being used.

Interesting to compare the original design to the (near) final result.

Final size is around:
380 mm wide
290 mm deep
130 mm height

Where as with the design is was something like:
340 mm wide
260 mm deep
130 mm height

So it has expanded wider and deeper. Wider as the power supply was 1cm wider than expected, and I allowed space for a PCI TV card later.
Deeper... as I left some more space for allowing to get the case on/off, and for the eventual button mechanism.
Too big though - too high, wide and deep. Target sizes for the next one would be somewhere around 80 mm height, 300 wide, 270 mm (or less) deep.
My brain has already shifted onto thinking about version 2.

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