Monday, January 5, 2009

More Detailed Design

I used Sketchup to help get a better idea of how things were actually going to fit together internally - and to give an idea of how to make them all attach together.

Basically I ended up with the following internal design.

The core bits of computer are to be laid out something like this

The motherboard sits on the bottom. The Power supply is attached to the top of the box, together with the hard disk drive. This means that the top of the box needs to be removable.

The idea is to use metal plates at the top and bottom of the box - laid out something like the following

Basically sheet steel of some form, with the edges folded up to give some strength.
The hard disk and the power supply are to be attached to the top metal sheet using strips of metal with rivets.

There will be 'upright poles' used to hold the top and bottom metal plates in position. Probably will be made out of acrylic blocks - assuming I can find them somewhere.

These uprights will be glued to the surrounding face of the case, which covers three of the main faces. This requires some acrylic sheets that are heat shaped (TBD if it will work OK).

It is to be finished off with a sheet of acrylic on the top, and a piece across the back.

This is the basic plan.

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