Monday, January 12, 2009

Metal Top and Bottom

The top and bottom of the case are to be from sheet metal.
Could only find some suitable galvanised iron sheeting - which they cut basically to shape for me. They cut it with an angle grinder :-)

The basic size was fine - the corner 45 deg bits were off - so I had to recut them to the correct size.
I marked the bending lines with a steel ruler and nail... then to the bending.

I wasnt sure really how to do it - several online post on building your own metal brake - however I went simple as the metal really is not that thick.
Solution was to take an old piece of aluminium channel for the hard bending surface, with a bit of old hardwood floor as backing, clamped together with large G clamps as shown.

The best bending was done by clamping the small piece of metal, and bending over the large bit. When done the other way around (clamping the bulk of the metal with the small bit sticking out - it would tend to slip).
Finished off with a hammer just to square up the sheets.

Final result was OK - all bent without much drama.

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