Sunday, January 11, 2009

Installing a Scythe Shuriken

I figured installing the Scythe Shuriken CPU fan should be simple...

Not really the case :-(

The Shuriken seems to be well designed and built - however the fit was not straight forward.

I attached the Intel socket clips onto the heatsink, smeared on the heat sink goo on the CPU... lined up the heatsink and proceeded to clip into the board. Seemed OK - until I realised that the heatsink was actually pressing slightly on some of the components on the motherboard around the CPU !!!
Quickly (which is not that easy to do with the location of the clips) I tried to declip the CPU cooler - took it off, and wiped off all of the goo...

I did some quick re-measuring, and decided that a 90 degree rotation would be a better option - no resting of the cooler on the components around the CPU. Re-goo'ed the CPU, reset the attaching clips, and proceeded to clip it on.
Again - woops - it is still pressing against the motherboard components !!! :-(
De-clip, and clear the goo.

It seemed that whatever orientation I put the cooler at, it would hit the motherboard components. Not sure what to do - maybe it would have to be back to the stock CPU cooler.

Anyway - I finally realised that it was only a fraction off with the fit - if only the cooler could be shifted a few mm in one direction, it would be OK. Then looking closer at the cooler, I realised that a little bending of the connection clips would give me the few mm required. So after a quick bend and a prefit, I goo'ed up the CPU (luckliy the heatsink compound was enough for three goes !!), and cliped the cooler on. Finally fitting - without interfering with other components !!

Maybe the bending of the clips is common knowledge - something that you need to learn when doing this. However I didnt see anything on the web about it...
Also would have been good if the Scythe instructions mentioned things about orientation - beginners tips for installing.

Live and learn.

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