Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fitting the Top and Bottom Pieces

I went to pickup the acrylic sheet this morning...
And I suppose un-surprisingly, what they had for me was not the same as the sample they supplied to me originally - quality looked not the best.
So - dumped that order - got the money back - will have to start sourcing all over again for the acrylic :-(

So this evening, I started putting together the top and bottom halves of the metal casing.
Basically some shaping of the wooden uprights - so that they would clear the motherboard in places, and they followed the slight curve around the bends in the metal edges.
Then attached to the base metal place in roughly the desired positions.

The plate is attached via screws into the wood. Will not worry about recessing the bottom screws - as there will be slightly raised feet on the base. However for the top face will be best to countersink the screw heads slightly...

After attaching to the base, I fitted the top piece. Adjusted it so that it was as square as possible from the table surface - then marked for drilling.

After drilling the metal - fitted it all together. Seems like an OK fit.

Tested with the power supply, and it seems rigid enough. However I still plan to put a rest attached to the floor sheet of metal to take some of the weight of the power supply. Probably over engineering.

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