Monday, January 5, 2009

Component Selection

For the internals of the HTPC, I wanted to use standard parts. Makes it simpler.

For the motherboard, I chose the P5N7A-VM from ASUS. Has a GeForce onboard graphics, HDMI output, etc, etc... There are many reviews out there about them - seemed to be a reasonable choice.

For cooling the CPU I liked the look of the Scythe Shuriken cooler - quiet and low profile.

All the other parts are pretty standard...
2G RAM, Antec power supply.

I searched around the computer malls here in SH to try and find the power switch and front panel USB/Audio connectors. People didnt really seem to sell these things...
Until I fronted up to a shop selling computer cases - and they gave me the internals for free !! :-)
To get the actual front panel switch I needed to actually buy the front facade for a PC case.


  1. How is this working for you? I have trouble with the shuriken on p5n7a. The fan is running very slow, only around 400rpm.

  2. 400 RPM - means that you have QFan enabled in the bios - this is my guess.
    Disable QFan and it should run at ~2200 RPM.
    You can use FanSpeed, or SpeedFan to control the speed OK

  3. SpeedFan is what it is...

  4. And also be careful with attaching the Shuriken to the motherboard - I needed to slightly bend the attachment clips to move the fan 1~2 mm so it would miss interfering with the motherboard components.

  5. Yup, I disabled QFan and then installed lm-sensors and used fancontrol, and it works nicely :-)
    I am running Linux btw.