Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Acrylic / Perspex / Plexiglass

Finally located some Acrylic plexiglass sheets here in Shanghai.
If you ever need to buy some - go to Ningbo Road, just East of Peoples Square. This is the general area where you can get most construction, metal, tools, electrical, etc - all these kinds of blokey things for making things.
Had to buy about 2 square meters of the stuff - and it was quite heavy carrying home on the bus.

Anyway - I started with the back plate of the HTPC - the part which wont get seen much.
I cut the IO port area using the score and snap cutting knife - I was planning on scoring all the way through the 5mm thick sheets...
Go most of the way - and with some added drilling at the ends got it all the way through.

For the power supply cutout area, I went for the drill instead. More tedious - but eventually got the job done.

After doing a bit of filing - the back plate lines up OK... still needs a little bit for filing to fully smooth out.

Note that the idea was to cut out these main holes in the back, then once it has been fitted to the back case, square up the edges (score and snap) so that it is fits nicely the rest of the case. Reason for this is that I dont really know exactly where the case bits will end up later - needs to wait for that bit to be built.

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